Last week of Jesus' Ministry

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Temple Cleansed

The following morning, as he was returning to Jerusalem, Jesus saw a fig tree by the side of the road.

The tree had leaves, which suggested that it should also have fruit. When fig trees are barren they have no leaves.

All but one variety of fig trees were out of season, making the prospect of finding a fig all the more delicious.

Jesus went to the tree and inspected it for fruit. When Jesus found nothing but leaves he cursed the tree and said:

No one will ever again eat fruit from this tree.

The fig tree immediately withered away.

After they arrived in Jerusalem, Jesus entered into the temple and began turning over the tables on all the moneychangers and those selling doves for sacrifice.

Jesus would not allow anyone to carry goods through the temple.

Jesus told them:

Isn’t it written that my house will be called a house of prayer for all the nations? Why are you making it a den of robbers?

The chief priest and scribes heard what Jesus said and they wanted to destroy him, but they feared him.

Jesus began daily teaching in the temple. But the religious leaders and men in authority began to plot ways to kill him.

The common people hung on each word that Jesus said.