Second passover to the third

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Jairus' Daughter

While Jesus was speaking to John’s disciples, a man named Jairus came up to Jesus and fell at his feet in worship. Jairus was one of the rulers of the synagogue. Jairus begged Jesus to come and heal his 12-year-old daughter:

Come and lay hands on her and she will live, for she is at the point of death.

Jesus got up and started toward the home of Jairus. His 12 disciples followed him. The multitudes also followed him and pressed him from every side.

There was a women in the crowd who for 12 years had been afflicted by a disease that discharged blood. She had spent everything she earned paying physicians to cure her but to no avail.

She had heard about Jesus and said to herself:

If only I can touch the border of his garment, I would be made whole.

She forced her way through the crowd and got behind Jesus and reached down and touched his garment, and she was immediately healed.

Jesus turned around and said:

Who touched my garment?

Everyone denied it.

Peter and the other disciples came to Jesus and said:

The crowd is pressing you from all sides. What do you mean when you ask who touched me?

Jesus answered and said:

I know that someone touched me, because I felt the power go out from me.

He looked all around to find the person who had touched him. When the woman realized that she could no longer hide, she came to Jesus, trembling with fear. She fell at his feet and confessed that she was the one who had touched him.

She told Jesus and the crowd why she had touched him and that she was healed immediately.

Jesus said to her:

Daughter, be of good cheer; your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be healed.

The woman left, completely healed.

While Jesus was speaking to the woman, someone came from the house of Jairus and said to him:

Your daughter is dead, you do not need to trouble the teacher any further.

When Jesus heard this, he said:

Don’t be afraid, simply believe and the girl will be healed.

When Jesus entered Jairus’ house, he told everyone to stay out except for the father and mother of the dead girl, along with Peter, James and John.

When he entered the house, the funeral party was already there, weeping and wailing, playing the flutes.

Jesus told them to stop all the commotion. He told them that girl was not dead, just asleep. When the funeral party heard this they started laughing and mocking Jesus.

He insisted they all leave, and finally they did. Jesus then took the father and mother and went into the room where the child was lying. He took the child’s hand and spoke to her.

He said:

Little girl, I say to you, get up.

Immediately her spirit returned and she got up and walked around. Jesus told them to bring her food.

Her parents were stunned. But he told them not to tell anyone what they had witnessed. Nevertheless, Jesus’ fame spread through all the country.