Second passover to the third

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Journeying about Galilee

After this, Jesus began preaching and bringing the good news of the kingdom of God to all the cities and villages in Galilee. His disciples were with him.

Jesus and his disciples were supported by Mary Magdalene, the woman Jesus had healed of evil spirits, Joanna, the wife of King Herod’s steward, Susanna, and many others. They provided the disciples meals and help support their ministry.

As Jesus entered a home for a meal, the crowds flocked to him with such enthusiasm and so pressed in around Jesus that he could not even eat.

Jesus’ brothers and mother went to try and rescue Jesus. They lacked faith and believed that Jesus was being swept away by a religious zealousness that was putting his safety in danger.

But Jesus continued to heal and cast out demons. They brought a demon-possessed man to Jesus who was both deaf and blind. Jesus healed him, and the man was restored to his right mind and began to speak and to see.

The crowds were amazed and some began to say:

Could this be the son of David?